StealthGenie Helping Cell Phone Usage In The Work Place

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Cell phones have become a part of our everyday life. We take them everywhere we go, and that includes work. However, this proves to be a very large problem in the work place. Small business owners, as well as corporate owners are experiencing a lack of productivity due to cell phone usage in the workplace. This becomes very frustrating when deadlines are missed, and it could cause the company to lose money.

Employers struggle to find a solution to cell phone usage in the workplace. Some companies even supply their employees with company phones. In that case the solution becomes a bit easier.

Here are some solutions that could help your workplace get cell phone usage under control, and get your employees back to doing income producing activities.

Implement a Smartphone Policy

Every company, big or small, should have a cell phone policy in place. This will help all employees be aware of what the expectation is when it comes to using cell phones in the work place. These guidelines and rules must be written into a policy, rather than given to the employee verbally.

A verbal execution of this policy will leave lots of room for employees to disobey the rules. It will be very easy for any employee to say they were never informed of the policy. Now, if you require everyone to read and sign that the policy has been read and understood, then there is no room for denial.

Usage Limitations

Another key way to cut down on cell phone usage is to set limitations. This will help your employees still be able to access their phones in emergency instances, but also provide better productivity for the company. For employers wanting to implement limited use, they should allow cell phones to be used only during break times or emergencies.

Cell Phone Monitoring Software

cell phone monitoring

When a company issues a phone to an employee they have the right to monitor it. Therefore, a cell phone monitoring system like StealthGenie can be downloaded to the phone before it is issued to the employee. StealthGenie will allow employees to track all activity that takes place on the cell phone.

StealthGenie will supply the employer with a detailed log of all incoming and outgoing emails, text, chat conversations, calls received and dialed, websites visited, and so much more. Best of all, the log will contain a date and time the activity took place. StealthGenie will give an employer all the information they need to ensure their employee is not miss using company time.

Every company needs to come up with a set of guidelines for cell phone usage in the workplace. Once that is done, a policy should be written, and all employees should be made to read and sign that they understand the rules of cell phone usage.

If the company issues cell phones for work purposes, StealthGenie can be installed before the employee gets the cell phone. These rules will help employees understand what is expected of them, and employers will be able to enforce punishment if the rules are broken.