StealthGenie Geo-Fencing Feature

geo-fencingDo you want to be notified instantly every time they enter or leave a restricted location? StealthGenie gives you the power! Is someone not telling you the truth about where they are? Do you suspect they are dodging you? How would you like to be notified every time they stepped over a boundary? Keep reading to find out more about StealthGenie Geofencing software.

What is StealthGenie’s Geo Fencing feature?

StealthGenie’s innovative Geofencing feature lets you find out whenever your children or employees enter or leave a location you have marked as restricted. The Geofencing app can be installed within minutes in to any iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry phone or tablet. It runs in the background so there is no sign of the app on the target phone or tablet. Once it is installed, you can access the Geofencing feature simply by logging into your StealthGenie user area from anywhere with an internet connection.

Mark Restricted Places (Red Zones)

red zone

StealthGenie lets you pinpoint certain areas on a map that you don’t want your target to enter. Whenever they enter one of the areas marked as Red Zones, you will get an instant alert through SMS or email.

Mark Allowed Places (Green Zones)

green zone

You can set certain areas on the map as Green Zones, meaning you expect your target to stay within that area. Whenever they try to step over the boundary you’ve made for them, you will get an instant alert through Email.

Why Use StealthGenie Geofencing Feature?

Do you often feel like someone isn’t telling you the truth about where they are? Do you wish there was a way to find out exactly when they went somewhere they shouldn’t be or left a place they are meant to be at? Use StealthGenie’s Geofencing feature and you will never be in dark about the truth. You will get the information you need exactly when you need it.

Are you worried your children or employees are dodging you and lying about where they are? Do you want to keep them safe from trouble by making sure you know if they are going somewhere they aren’t supposed to? SteathGenie gives you the solution.

StealthGenie Geofencing

StealthGenie lets you mark certain locations on a map and set them as either red (restricted) or green (allowed). Once that’s done, you’ll get notifications through email or SMS every time your target phone or tablet steps over a boundary you’ve marked. All of this can be done by logging into your StealthGenie user area from anywhere with an internet connection. There really is no better way to keep an eye on them at all times.

Over 7 million students miss over a month of school every year by skipping classes without their parent’s knowledge. 46% of employees admit to lying about why they are missing work on most days. With StealthGenie’s Geofencing feature, you can make sure you aren’t lied to about where your children or employees actually are. You will receive real time alerts whenever they step out of their bounds.