Monitor Your Child’s Smartphone with StealthGenie

StealthGenie Parental Monitoring Software

What type of websites do your kids visit? Do any of the websites they frequent contain unsuitable or illegal content, or content that you would not allow your kids to be exposed to? Do you know what your kids receive in their emails each week, is someone sending them inappropriate material? What if someone is harassing them online?

The truth is, you don’t know, you can just hope for the best. You believe that if it happens they would have told you about it, or you’d like to just think nothing like this can happen to your kids. If you do not know the answers to some of the questions mentioned above, your kids may be at risk of being taken advantage of by a predator on the internet.

No I am not a pessimist, who habitually sees and anticipates the worst. However kids are falling victim to internet predators far too often. Besides that, they are being exposed to pornography, inappropriate and sometimes even illegal content. If this does not bother you it should.

Odds are your kids are more tech savvy then you are, so it makes it a little more difficult to know what they are doing on their smartphone. The internet can be a beneficial place, kids learn more online then they ever will in just school alone. They need both (learning and safety), so being a parent you need to find a way to balance the needs of your kids to go on the internet while ensuring that they are safe online.

Fortunately there are cell phone monitoring software available in market that can help parents achieve that balance. One such software is StealthGenie. This high-tech monitoring software allows parents to see exactly what their kids are doing on the phone when they are not around. After installation, it monitors and records just about everything kids are doing on the phone.

StealthGenie comes loaded with numerous robust and customizable parental monitoring features. It captures and logs all visited websites, social networking activities, keystrokes typed, chat/IM conversations, sent and received emails, and more. The instant messenger monitoring feature also captures IM chats such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype. Its web-based Control Panel gives parents the power to send remote commands that can remotely control the monitored phone. The Control Panel also comes equipped with a real-time GPS tracker. With this feature, parents can track their kids’ whereabouts at any time.