How It Works

The StealthGenie spy app is installed on the phone that you want to monitor and silently records activities such as phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, text messages, GPS location, photos, videos, app usage, social media and more.

The monitoring data is sent via the internet to your StealthGenie account that you can access from any device via the StealthGenie website.

how stealthgenie works

To get more details on how the spy app works, visit the BestPhoneSpy website.

If you are worried about what your children or employees might get into on their cell phones, you can use StealthGenie to monitor their activities around the clock. Installing StealthGenie onto their phones takes just a few minutes and once it is installed, it runs secretly in the background of their phone, providing you with the usage details of their phone. By knowing what they are up to, you can make sure they don’t tread on a dangerous path.

If you want to try your hand at the StealthGenie control panel before you buy the application, you can go through the Live Demo to get a hands-on experience.