5 Common StealthGenie Issues

stealthgenie issuesRecently, I got a lot of concerns from you about having issues in the working of StealthGenie. It seems, some users have been experiencing difficulty to monitor their target smartphone efficiently.

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with the app but you need to look at some technical points you need to consider while using StealthGenie.

1. No Internet Access

Sometimes, you feel like you’re having the information of your target users not in time. This is nothing to do with the app. It’s just that when there is no internet connectivity for some time, the data uploading is interrupted as you need to have WiFi or Mobile Network. When internet connection is restored, the monitored data is uploaded.

2. Don’t let StealthGenie upload irrelevant data

If you don’t want to monitor videos, photos or anything else of your target user, don’t let StealthGenie work on it. The less your monitoring items will be, the more efficient your app will be! For instance, if you don’t want to monitor SMS messages and only want to monitor Emails, do remember not to check on SMS.

3. Phone’s battery draining fast

Your battery life is consumed when you’re uploading the data. So it’s better for you to change the recommended settings to “On Phone Charge Only”.

4. Rooting and Jailbreaking

If you are looking to install the StealthGenie app onto an iOS device, you must jailbreak the device. StealthGenie is impossible to install onto an iPhone unless it has been jailbroken. Certain StealthGenie features are only available on a rooted Android phone.

5. Call recording issue

Please note that certain features offered by StealthGenie software are not applicable to certain platforms. Before buying StealthGenie software, make sure to check all the available features on your desired cell phone.

The call recording feature is not available for Blackberry and iPhones. Please note that we are not advertising or offering this feature for either of these phones in any of our subscription packages.