The All-in-One View of the StealthGenie Control Panel

The StealthGenie control panel gives you the administrator an all-in-one, centralized view of all data sent by the target phone(s) that you are spying on. Navigation in the control panel is intuitive and gives you the subscriber (a.k.a, the administrator) all of the information that you need to accurately analyze the target phone’s activities and whereabouts.

Accessing the Control Panel

Access to your control panel is done through any web browser. Your first view when you log into your control panel gives you a sidebar menu and statistics in the main page body. The sidebar menu allows you to view and analyze the following data groups that have been uploaded by the target phone:

  • Contacts
  • Phone logs
  • SMS/chat messages
  • Recordings and multimedia files
  • Geo-specific information
  • Internet browsing information

You can also select information specific to your StealthGenie account that is not on the target phone through the “My Services” button on the sidebar menu. This selection shows you all of the services that you have subscribed to.

For example, you may be monitoring three different phones and each is a different type (i.e., Android, Blackberry, iPhone). From this page, you can select the control panel specific to the operating system (OS). Each sidebar is slightly different for specific operating system (e.g., the iPhone control panel sidebar can view iMessages which is specific to that OS).

Triggers and Notifications

Among the strongest features of StealthGenie is the ability to define triggering events and get notified when they occur. Triggers act as a filter allowing you to ignore the routine and pay attention to what is important to you.

Through the StealthGenie control panel, you can define the triggers to detect calls and messages to/from certain contacts and certain words used in textual communications.

From the control panel’s “Trigger & Alerts” page, you can define triggers for:

  • Contacts
  • Phone numbers
  • Words used in SMS
  • Email addresses
  • Words used in emails

The “Trigger & Alerts” page is not accessed from the side bar but instead from the top bar. On this page, you define the triggers. A second part of this is defining where you want your notifications to be sent. This is accessed from the “My Account” selection which is on the top bar of the control panel page as well. You can choose to be notified by email and/or SMS.

There is a difference between “contacts” and “phone numbers” when defining triggers. Contacts are those in the target phone’s contacts file and will usually be a name. Phone numbers are just that—no name, just a number. This allows some flexibility because a target phone user might try to hide who he is communicating with by keeping the person out of the contact file. The contacts trigger definition also uses the phone’s contact file where its entries can be selected through a dropdown box.

Trigger words can be anything and it takes some up-front decision making as to the ones you want to use to alert you to certain events warranting your attention. For example, the word “beer” alerts you that your teenager may be planning a party that you wouldn’t approve of.

Target Phone Control

Remotely Control Their Phone

Another powerful feature of the StealthGenie system is the ability to send remote control commands to the target phone. From here you can:

  • Start recording surroundings
  • Start, pause, or delete the StealthGenie app on the target phone
  • Backup target phone data
  • Wipe all data from the target phone
  • Lock the target phone

Commands are sent as an SMS message to the target phone and the page defines the specific syntax to use for each. It is important to enter the syntax exactly as it is shown otherwise the command will not work properly.

As you can see, the StealthGenie control panel is quite powerful and provides all of the tools that you as the administrator need to spy on a target phone. It doesn’t take long after installing the app on the target phone to begin using the control panel which makes for another reason to choose StealthGenie spy software.