StealthGenie Geofencing Feature

The StealthGenie cell phone spy app is powerful when it comes to geo-specific information because it can track the travel history and current location of the target cell phone. The subscriber (you) can also define geographical boundaries for receiving alerts if the target cell phone user enters or exits them.

StealthGenie Geofencing

Why Geo Features are Useful

StealthGenie has a robust set of features for tracking calls, text messages, and emails but the Geo features answer the “where” questions that the subscriber has when spying on a target cell phone.

Parents want to know where their children are plus they want to know the places they frequent. The same holds true with employers who must send their employees out of the workplace to perform deliveries, meet with clients, or handle service calls.

With StealthGenie cell phone tracking software, you get an additional powerful feature called Geo Fencing. With Geo Fencing you can set geographical boundaries for the target phone user.

The Geo Features

The Geo features provided by StealthGenie are:

  • Geo Tracking
  • Geo Location
  • Geo Fencing

Each feature has certain aspects that overlap with the others and together they give the subscriber a complete profile of the target user’s whereabouts both from a historical and current perspective.

All three features use Google Map for pinpointing target phone locations from the subscriber’s control panel.

Geo Tracking

Geo Tracking deals with the historical perspective of the target phone’s location. It is useful for analyzing the travel habits of the target phone user. Selecting this from the StealthGenie control panel yields a map that traces travel routes that the target user typically takes. You can also filter the history by date range.

When viewing the geo tracking page in the StealthGenie control panel, the subscriber sees a map where historical travel routes are traced. Frequent stops along the route are pinpointed as well.

Geo Location

Geo location gives the current whereabouts of the target phone user. It also has a history component but does not trace a route on the map.

The update interval for location sampling can be adjusted from the control panel page for this feature. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and set the interval from 1 to 60 minutes. You would probably want a shorter interval if you needed near real-time tracking. However, for routine tracking, you may not want to sample as often to keep data minimal as well as manageable.

Geo Fencing

Geo fencing is one of Geo features that set StealthGenie apart from other cell phone tracking applications. It helps a parent or employer to set boundaries on the locations their child or employee can go. You can think of it like setting expectations. Oftentimes when expectations are clear to those whom you are responsible for, there is a greater chance that they will live up to them.

The Geo Fencing feature of StealthGenie uses red circles and green circles to depict off-limits and permissible areas respectively. Circles are used to define a radius for the zones and the area inside them represents either allowed or disallowed regions.

When on the control panel’s Geo Fencing page, the subscriber clicks on the clear circle, gives it a unique name and then defines if it is red zone or green zone, the radius in feet, and specifies the alert rules. The alert rules are used for notifying you in the event that the target user enters or leaves the zone.

After defining the settings for the zone, the subscriber can then use the mouse to position it over the relevant map location.

A typical setup would be to configure to receive an alert for when the target user leaves a green area and when entering a red area. For example, you can tell your teenager that it is okay to be at his friend’s house (a green zone) but not okay to be in a neighborhood where kids loiter looking to buy drugs.

As you have seen, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing the Geo operations of StealthGenie spy software. Combined with log reporting it makes for a comprehensive and powerful total solution. Order a subscription to StealthGenie today and no longer stay in the dark about where your children or employees are.