Monitor Your Child’s Smartphone with StealthGenie

StealthGenie Parental Monitoring Software

The StealthGenie cell phone spy software is a real help to parents when it comes to needing to know about their kids’ activities while they carry a cell phone purchased for them. The StealthGenie app running silently on the monitored device pulls many details about children’s activities as you will see.

Why Parents Need StealthGenie

As mentioned previously, parents purchase smartphones for their children and these devices give their kids a new level of freedom that they might be tempted to abuse. Without the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system on their smartphones, kids could get into all sorts of situations such as:

  • Communicate with the wrong friends
  • Be harassed by bullies or predators
  • Go to places without your permission
  • Take photos and videos that are inappropriate
  • Use the smartphone’s browser to visit inappropriate websites

Basically, without the StealthGenie spy app running on their smartphones, they can use the device to enable them in doing mischief and misdeeds.

However, as you will see, when the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system is installed on their smartphones, getting away with the activities associated with these situations is no longer easy.

Features You Will Find Helpful

There really isn’t much that the StealthGenie cell phone spyware cannot do. The features it provides that are particularly helpful for monitoring children are:

  • Call history, recording, and live call intercept, phone number alert notification
  • SMS message tracking with trigger word alerts
  • Instant messenger (IM) tracking
  • Multimedia file viewing (photos, videos, music, voice recordings)
  • Internet browsing history to include bookmarked URLs
  • GPS tracking with geofencing

Every bit of information collected by StealthGenie is sent to your secure control panel area where you as the subscriber can log in and analyze the facts at your convenience.

Monitoring Voice Communications

StealthGenie provides a comprehensive set of tools when it comes to your kids and monitoring their voice communications.

Not only do you receive the date/time/other party information of a call made or received on the monitored device. You can also record their calls and intercept calls as they happen.

Live call intercept is particularly useful when you notice your child getting up and leaving the room when she receives a call. In this case, all you the subscriber need to do is issue an SMS command to listen to her call once she leaves the room.

The Story in the Text

Your kids will use text messages to communicate with anyone—even those you don’t want them associating with. Here again, with the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system you can see the full text of SMS messages, emails, and from IM apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and more.

Furthermore, you can set up to be notified via SMS or email if profanity or certain trigger words you defined are used in texts. Parents find this extremely helpful for knowing when their children are coordinating to pick up drugs, alcohol, or go to parties where these substances will be available. Alert notifications allow a parent to be proactive.

The Completing Pieces of the Puzzle

The ability to see the photos and videos taken from their teenager’s smartphone using the StealthGenie cell phone spy software can give other indicators to inappropriate activities, places, and friends.

Then, with the GPS tracking features provided by StealthGenie, you can see your child’s location history, where he is currently at, and even get alerts when he enters restricted zones that you set up.

All these complete the puzzle as to what your child is up to.

You have probably figured out by now that the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system is quite powerful when it comes to monitoring your kids and their activities. Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes. As a concerned parent get on the StealthGenie review and order your smartphone spy app today.