Keeping Data Safe with StealthGenie Android Spy Software

StealthGenie is not only about spying on a cell phone for the purpose of catching your child or employee doing wrong. This Android spy software is also about protecting the data on a target phone. There are many situations where information can be lost or compromised and StealthGenie spy software has the features to protect against them.

StealthGenie for Android

StealthGenie Data Protection

The StealthGenie features protect data in four areas:

  1. Compromise protection
  2. Backups
  3. Protection from deletion
  4. Export capability

Read further and you will see how StealthGenie protects the information on a target phone that if lost or compromised could be costlier than the phone it came from.

1. Compromise Protection

The area of compromise protection when it comes to keeping data safe deals with protection of phone data in the event of loss or theft and tracking information exchanges to see what is shared.

There are several sensitive areas on today’s Android smartphones, especially when it comes to those used for business. The contacts file, SMS logs, and stored files can be potentially devastating for a business if a company phone is lost or stolen. For example, there may be important contract negotiations contained in an SMS thread that have yet to be transferred to a document.

The contacts file is something that is not easily replaced if there is no copy of it. Plus, a contacts file may be dangerous if in the hands of the wrong person. Imagine a stalker getting a contacts file. The stalker would be able to make strange phone calls to the ladies in a contacts file and terrorize them.

Then there is the sharing of information that is sensitive in nature. Employees might try sharing confidential business ideas with friends who work at a competing company through SMS or email.

StealthGenie android spy software provides a full range of tools that support compromise protection. If the phone is lost or stolen, you can immediately lock it, upload all information from it to the server, and then wipe its data contents clean if necessary—all remotely.

Furthermore, you can view all text information contained in SMS and email messages plus see where those messages went. You could even lock the phone remotely if you see that the target user is divulging information that he shouldn’t.

2. StealthGenie Backups

Backups are the most common way to protect information on any smartphone. The StealthGenie backup facility makes a copy of all data currently on the phone and stores it on the server. This same information can be used to restore a phone should it be replaced or wiped clean for some reason.

Keeping Your Data Safe

3. Protection from Deletion

A common scenario among cell phone users who are up to no good is to delete information from their devices. Deletion is probably the most basic way to cover tracks yet with StealthGenie it is no longer possible to hide activities by simply removing the incriminating information pointing to them.

For example, if you have a teenager who chats with his friend about buying some drugs and getting high then if he has any common sense he will delete the entire SMS thread pertaining to the conversation.

However, since StealthGenie uploads all log information to include SMS threads to the server at a near real-time interval, deletions are no problem. The target user could delete any SMS thread on the phone but it would be too late as it would already be on the server and viewable to the administrator.

4. Exporting StealthGenie Data

There are occasions when you want to export the data collected by StealthGenie to a different format so that it can be imported to separate software packages such as Microsoft Excel.

It could be that you are an employer and issue cell phones to those who work for you. Maybe your business wants to cut company cell phone usage and needs weekly reports showing usage statistics. With StealthGenie, you can export call logs and SMS logs in CSV format which can be plugged into Microsoft Excel for the purpose of making usage charts.

Exporting also makes another copy of the call and SMS logs thus giving you an additional backup and protecting the information.

Data loss and compromise is not something that is easily recovered from. Plus, to rebuild lost data from scratch is time consuming thus adding more business expense. Don’t let this happen to you. Order StealthGenie for Android and protect the data that resides on the cell phones that you are tracking.