How Notifications Work with StealthGenie

StealthGenie Geo FencingThe notifications feature of StealthGenie spy software is an extremely robust and effective tool when configured and utilized to its full potential. Notifications are for the most part filtered through the setting of trigger parameters. Here are the various types of notifications provided by StealthGenie and how they work.

Defining the “Where”

Before configuring notifications parameters, you as the administrator need to specify where they are to go. Do they go to your phone as an SMS or to your email or both? These two parameters are set in the StealthGenie control panel under the “My Account” icon found on the top menu bar of the dashboard page.

Communications Notifications

Communications notifications deal with activities related to voice and text exchanges. StealthGenie spy software can alert you of events related to ingoing and outgoing communications related to:

  1. Contacts
  2. Numbers
  3. SMS messages
  4. Emails

With SMS and email messages, StealthGenie provides one additional layer of event detection through the use of trigger keywords.

How Communications Notifications Work

There probably isn’t an administrator around who would want to know about every event that has taken place on a target phone. Too many notifications can be just as bad as too few because in the former case what you want to know would get lost in the volume. StealthGenie provides you with trigger settings so that you can give attention to the events that need it.

Contacts triggers are set using names from the target phone’s contacts file. When an incoming or outgoing call is made to that contact, you get a notification. Remember that the contacts file on the target phone is accessible with StealthGenie and when configuring this you can choose the names from a drop down selection list linked to it.

It is the same for phone numbers, SMS messages, and emails. These would be numbers that don’t reside in the contacts file thus there is no name associated with them.

As mentioned above, StealthGenie adds one more level of filtering when it comes to text messages and that is through the use of trigger words. For example, you suspect your teenager of being involved with illegal drugs so you decide that words such as “meth”, “pot”, and “weed” are to be detected if they occur in SMS or email messages sent or received on the target phone.

Geo Fencing Notifications

Geo Fencing is another StealthGenie operational area that will yield notifications and requires administrator setup. The technology works by defining a circular area where the target user can go and where he cannot go. This tool uses red circles for restricted areas and green circles for clear areas. The circles define a radius from a pinpointed map coordinate and the area inside is designated as either red or green.

When the target phone user (e.g., your teenager, employee) leaves a designated green area, you will get a notification. Likewise, when the same person goes into a red area, you will get a notification as well. So, if your teenager leaves a green area and enters a red one, you can give her a quick call and tell her that she shouldn’t be there.

SIM Card Change Notification

SIM card change notification deals with the event where the target user swaps out the phone’s SIM card for another. Teenagers and employees might do this hoping to avoid detection while using their regular number. A cell phone thief will most certainly change the SIM card.

There are no settings that you configure. You simply get a notification when the SIM card is changed but StealthGenie goes a step further and gives you the telephone number of the new card. Imagine the look on the face of your employee or teenager when you can give them a call even after they went into hiding with a new temporary number.

SIM card change notification comes in handy if the target phone is lost or stolen as well. Anyone who steals or finds your phone (with no intent of returning it) will no doubt change the SIM card. However, since the StealthGenie app runs from the phone’s internal memory, a SIM card change does not stop the ability to track the device. You can still send commands like locking and wiping the phone to prevent the thief from using it. And, you can call them on the new number which certainly would make any thief uncomfortable.

Finding out what is going on with your teenager or employee after the fact is useful for catching them in lies. But with StealthGenie spy software, you can be notified when mischief or misdeeds occur thus giving you the information you need to be proactive instead of just reactive.