Everything to Know about Sending Commands with StealthGenie

remote control commandsWhen you subscribe to StealthGenie Android spy software, you as the administrator can view the “snapshots” of the activities on the target phone. But you don’t have to just view the data in passive mode. StealthGenie gives you all the remote control commands that you could possibly need to actively control the app on the target phone.

The Commands: Remotely Control their Phone

As an administrator, you actually don’t need too many commands which represents a tribute to the sophisticated design of StealthGenie. However, there are certain functions that need a person’s decision to initiate and these are included in the StealthGenie Android spy software remote control command set. They are:

  1. Begin recording surroundings
  2. Lock the target phone
  3. Start/pause/delete StealthGenie from the target phone
  4. Wipe the phone clean of its data
  5. Back up phone data

StealthGenie mostly provides commands to protect the target phone from threats such as theft, physical loss, data loss, and detection. The sections that follow describe the specifics of each command.

1. Begin Recording Surroundings

This command is necessary to initiate recording of the target phone’s live surroundings. From the control panel you send an SMS command with the exact syntax that is specified. The syntax is: gimme <# minutes> mins.

Thus, if you want to record surroundings for five minutes you would enter an SMS command: gimme 5 mins. After five minutes, live recording stops without issuing an additional command on your part.

Record Surroundings

Recording live surroundings has many uses. For instance, if your employee says he is at a client meeting yet what you hear in the background sounds like a bar then it might mean you are being lied to.

2. Lock the Target Phone

There are many situations where you would need to lock the target phone. Probably the first that comes to mind is if it is lost or stolen. Or, maybe your teenager is having an SMS exchange with someone else that is inappropriate and you need it to stop now.

From the StealthGenie control panel, you can define your own SMS command to use for locking the phone. Just type your custom command into the field “SMS to lock phone” and click the “Save” button.

Lock Phone

Then, when you want to execute the command, just send that SMS text from your phone or click on the “Lock Phone” button from the StealthGenie Remote Control screen.

3. Start/Pause/Delete StealthGenie

StealthGenie provides these commands to control the app on the target phone. You may want to pause the app for taking a snapshot of the data through a backup. Then, after the backup is complete, start the app again. There could be any number of reasons for needing this control.

In the case where a cell phone is lost or stolen and you have not recovered it then you’ll need to send the delete command to remove StealthGenie.

The commands and their functions are as follows:

  • .lets go – start StealthGenie on the target phone
  • .wait – pause StealthGenie on the target phone
  • .no need – remove the StealthGenie app from the target phone

These “.” commands are sent from either the StealthGenie control panel or from your own cell phone via SMS.

4. Wipe Clean the Phone’s Data

There might be an occasion when you need to delete all of the data off of the target phone. A common situation where this is necessary is if the target phone is lost or stolen and there is no chance of recovery.

Wipe Data

Here, you define your own customized command for wiping the phone’s data and press the save button. Enter that command on your cell phone when you want to perform the wipe clean task on the target phone.

5. Back Up the Phone’s Data

There is an old adage that backups are not important until you need them. While it is a cute adage it reveals a very important truth. The data on the target phone is too important to lose. This is especially true if the phone is used by one of your employees and contains information critical to your business.

The function to back up the phone’s data is also activated via an SMS command that you define in the control panel.

As you can see, the StealthGenie remote control commands allow you the administrator to have total command when it comes to cell phone tracking. This is another one of the areas that makes StealthGenie the Android spy software to choose over the others.