StealthGenie Updated For iOS 7

StealthGenie Updated For iOS 7

StealthGenie for iOS7StealthGenie is the spy software product filled with a robust set of features for monitoring the cell phone of another. One of the platforms it runs on is the iPhone with the Apple iOS operating system (OS).

Apple just recently released two more iPhones, the 5S and 5C. Both run the new and improved iOS 7 operating system and the good news is that StealthGenie has been updated to run on it.

Who Benefits From StealthGenie for iOS 7?

The same types of subscribers who benefitted from StealthGenie on prior iPhones and versions of iOS 7 will enjoy this new update. These subscribers are:

  • Parents monitoring their children regarding the use of their iPhones as well as outside activities
  • Employers issuing iPhones to employees and needing to ensure they are used within the guidelines of company policy
  • Spouses who are concerned about their partner’s suspicious behavior indicating their might be cheating going on

The new StealthGenie update for iOS 7 still runs 100% undetectable on the iPhone that it monitors. Thus, those whom you monitor will go about their daily activities and if they are up to misdeeds or mischief while using or carrying their iPhone it will be revealed on your control panel.

All the Powerful Features as Before

Just as with prior versions of StealthGenie, before the iOS 7 update, you get the same robust set of features for monitoring practically any event that occurs on an iPhone. Some of the features provided by the StealthGenie spy app while it is running on this smartphone are:Features

  • Collecting details of all calls made/received
  • Ability to record calls
  • Logging of text messages: SMS, WhatsApp, and iMessage
  • Reporting history of all web sites visited
  • Capability to record surrounding sounds
  • Tracking of the GPS location history
  • Logging of photos and videos taken
  • Wipe contents clean if necessary (in the case of loss or theft)
  • Receiving a copy of the contacts file

Logs are collected by the StealthGenie spy app on the monitored iPhone and sent to their servers for indexing. You can view everything from your control panel accessible from any Internet-enabled web browser.

Getting Started with StealthGenie for iOS 7

iOS 7 logoGetting started with StealthGenie spy software for iOS 7 is still just as easy and involves 3 simple steps as you will see below.

But first, there are some pre-requisites for you need to take care of before getting started with StealthGenie. To begin with, the iPhone that you will be monitoring must be jailbroken and you will be happy to know that this can now be done with iOS 7.

Jailbreaking opens up the iOS operating system to areas that are not typically made available to apps that you get from the Apple app store. There are free guides available on the Internet for jailbreaking an iPhone with iOS 7.

Then, you need to get physical access to the iPhone that you will be monitoring. The reason for this is because you will be downloading the StealthGenie spy app from the Internet onto the iPhone.

Now you are ready to get started with StealthGenie for iOS 7. Just follow these 3 steps:

1. Purchase a subscription to StealthGenie. Choose the subscription plan that suits your needs and make the purchase from the StealthGenie website.

2. Download and install the software. Once you have made your purchase, you will be emailed instructions for downloading and installing the StealthGenie spy app.

3. Begin viewing incoming logs through your secure control panel.

With the ability to jailbreak an iPhone running iOS 7, you can now get the help you need in discovering the truth with StealthGenie. As a parent, employer, or spouse responsible for those you care about and look after and their iPhones, StealthGenie is a must-have. Take the time to visit their website and make no further delays in getting to the truth with StealthGenie.