StealthGenie Helping Cell Phone Usage In The Work Place

StealthGenie Helping Cell Phone Usage In The Work Place

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Cell phones have become a part of our everyday life. We take them everywhere we go, and that includes work. However, this proves to be a very large problem in the work place. Small business owners, as well as corporate owners are experiencing a lack of productivity due to cell phone usage in the workplace. This becomes very frustrating when deadlines are missed, and it could cause the company to lose money.

Employers struggle to find a solution to cell phone usage in the workplace. Some companies even supply their employees with company phones. In that case the solution becomes a bit easier.

Here are some solutions that could help your workplace get cell phone usage under control, and get your employees back to doing income producing activities.

Implement a Smartphone Policy

Every company, big or small, should have a cell phone policy in place. This will help all employees be aware of what the expectation is when it comes to using cell phones in the work place. These guidelines and rules must be written into a policy, rather than given to the employee verbally.

A verbal execution of this policy will leave lots of room for employees to disobey the rules. It will be very easy for any employee to say they were never informed of the policy. Now, if you require everyone to read and sign that the policy has been read and understood, then there is no room for denial.

Usage Limitations

Another key way to cut down on cell phone usage is to set limitations. This will help your employees still be able to access their phones in emergency instances, but also provide better productivity for the company. For employers wanting to implement limited use, they should allow cell phones to be used only during break times or emergencies.

Cell Phone Monitoring Software

cell phone monitoring

When a company issues a phone to an employee they have the right to monitor it. Therefore, a cell phone monitoring system like StealthGenie can be downloaded to the phone before it is issued to the employee. StealthGenie will allow employees to track all activity that takes place on the cell phone.

StealthGenie will supply the employer with a detailed log of all incoming and outgoing emails, text, chat conversations, calls received and dialed, websites visited, and so much more. Best of all, the log will contain a date and time the activity took place. StealthGenie will give an employer all the information they need to ensure their employee is not miss using company time.

Every company needs to come up with a set of guidelines for cell phone usage in the workplace. Once that is done, a policy should be written, and all employees should be made to read and sign that they understand the rules of cell phone usage.

If the company issues cell phones for work purposes, StealthGenie can be installed before the employee gets the cell phone. These rules will help employees understand what is expected of them, and employers will be able to enforce punishment if the rules are broken.

What You Need to Know About StealthGenie

What You Need to Know About StealthGenie

StealthGenie  FAQs

StealthGenie is one of the most sought after cell phone monitoring softwares. It gives parents reassurance about their children’s cell phone activity, and allows employers to know what their employees are doing during business hours.

Many customers had some questions about StealthGenie and the features that are offered. Here is a Frequently asked questions list that may help you understand what you will receive by ordering the StealthGenie software.

What is StealthGenie?

It is a cell phone monitoring software, that can be installed on iPhone’s, BlackBerry’s, and Android’s. The software works in “Stealth” mode, so the user will never know they are being monitored. All the information that is gathered from the user’s cell phone will be uploaded to an online StealthGenie account. The account holder can log in and view the activity. Check out how it works here:

Why do I need this Software?

With the help of this software, you will be able to monitor cell phone activity without the user ever knowing. If you suspect suspicious activity, StealthGenie will give you the answers you need.

Is there any chance the user could find out I am monitoring them?

No, StealthGenie works in “Stealth” mode, and will never blow your cover. There is no way for users to detect that the software is installed and being used.

How do I know if the cell phone I want to install it on is compatible?

You will find a detailed list of phones that are compatible with the StealthGenie software. These phones include: BlackBerrys, iPhones, and Androids. You can view a full listing on the StealthGenie website and click on the Compatible Phones page.

Where can I find reviews of the software?

StealthGenie services over 100,000 people and has been featured on many popular media outlets. You can read reviews written by StealthGenie customers by going to the Testimonials Page. You can also read my review of StealthGenie here.

How can I view packages offered by StealthGenie?

There are payment options and packages available. You can view these at the How to Buy StealthGenie page. You can pay by using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, and Wire Transfers. To help keep this incognito, the StealthGenie name will not appear on your billing statements.

Once I pay, what happens?

You will receive an introductory email that will provide login information, activation details, and installing directions. You will also receive a confirmation email with your purchase details.

Do I have to be tech savvy to use the software?

Not at all! You will receive detailed instructions on how to install, and activate the software. Live technical support is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, or help you through any issues that may arise while using the software. You can chat one on one with a support rep to get your answers quickly. Visit the Support page to see the options that are available.

Do I have to have the phone to install the software?

Yes. This is the only time you will have to physically have the phone. After the software is installed, you can monitor all the users activity remotely.

StealthGenie is a user friendly software, that can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection. Customers will get the support they need when problems arise. If you have questions about the StealthGenie software, a customer service rep is waiting to assist you!

StealthGenie Updated For iOS 7

StealthGenie Updated For iOS 7

StealthGenie for iOS7StealthGenie is the spy software product filled with a robust set of features for monitoring the cell phone of another. One of the platforms it runs on is the iPhone with the Apple iOS operating system (OS).

Apple just recently released two more iPhones, the 5S and 5C. Both run the new and improved iOS 7 operating system and the good news is that StealthGenie has been updated to run on it.

Who Benefits From StealthGenie for iOS 7?

The same types of subscribers who benefitted from StealthGenie on prior iPhones and versions of iOS 7 will enjoy this new update. These subscribers are:

  • Parents monitoring their children regarding the use of their iPhones as well as outside activities
  • Employers issuing iPhones to employees and needing to ensure they are used within the guidelines of company policy
  • Spouses who are concerned about their partner’s suspicious behavior indicating their might be cheating going on

The new StealthGenie update for iOS 7 still runs 100% undetectable on the iPhone that it monitors. Thus, those whom you monitor will go about their daily activities and if they are up to misdeeds or mischief while using or carrying their iPhone it will be revealed on your control panel.

All the Powerful Features as Before

Just as with prior versions of StealthGenie, before the iOS 7 update, you get the same robust set of features for monitoring practically any event that occurs on an iPhone. Some of the features provided by the StealthGenie spy app while it is running on this smartphone are:Features

  • Collecting details of all calls made/received
  • Ability to record calls
  • Logging of text messages: SMS, WhatsApp, and iMessage
  • Reporting history of all web sites visited
  • Capability to record surrounding sounds
  • Tracking of the GPS location history
  • Logging of photos and videos taken
  • Wipe contents clean if necessary (in the case of loss or theft)
  • Receiving a copy of the contacts file

Logs are collected by the StealthGenie spy app on the monitored iPhone and sent to their servers for indexing. You can view everything from your control panel accessible from any Internet-enabled web browser.

Getting Started with StealthGenie for iOS 7

iOS 7 logoGetting started with StealthGenie spy software for iOS 7 is still just as easy and involves 3 simple steps as you will see below.

But first, there are some pre-requisites for you need to take care of before getting started with StealthGenie. To begin with, the iPhone that you will be monitoring must be jailbroken and you will be happy to know that this can now be done with iOS 7.

Jailbreaking opens up the iOS operating system to areas that are not typically made available to apps that you get from the Apple app store. There are free guides available on the Internet for jailbreaking an iPhone with iOS 7.

Then, you need to get physical access to the iPhone that you will be monitoring. The reason for this is because you will be downloading the StealthGenie spy app from the Internet onto the iPhone.

Now you are ready to get started with StealthGenie for iOS 7. Just follow these 3 steps:

1. Purchase a subscription to StealthGenie. Choose the subscription plan that suits your needs and make the purchase from the StealthGenie website.

2. Download and install the software. Once you have made your purchase, you will be emailed instructions for downloading and installing the StealthGenie spy app.

3. Begin viewing incoming logs through your secure control panel.

With the ability to jailbreak an iPhone running iOS 7, you can now get the help you need in discovering the truth with StealthGenie. As a parent, employer, or spouse responsible for those you care about and look after and their iPhones, StealthGenie is a must-have. Take the time to visit their website and make no further delays in getting to the truth with StealthGenie.

Monitor Your Child’s Smartphone with StealthGenie

Monitor Your Child’s Smartphone with StealthGenie

StealthGenie Parental Monitoring Software

The StealthGenie cell phone spy software is a real help to parents when it comes to needing to know about their kids’ activities while they carry a cell phone purchased for them. The StealthGenie app running silently on the monitored device pulls many details about children’s activities as you will see.

Why Parents Need StealthGenie

As mentioned previously, parents purchase smartphones for their children and these devices give their kids a new level of freedom that they might be tempted to abuse. Without the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system on their smartphones, kids could get into all sorts of situations such as:

  • Communicate with the wrong friends
  • Be harassed by bullies or predators
  • Go to places without your permission
  • Take photos and videos that are inappropriate
  • Use the smartphone’s browser to visit inappropriate websites

Basically, without the StealthGenie spy app running on their smartphones, they can use the device to enable them in doing mischief and misdeeds.

However, as you will see, when the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system is installed on their smartphones, getting away with the activities associated with these situations is no longer easy.

Features You Will Find Helpful

There really isn’t much that the StealthGenie cell phone spyware cannot do. The features it provides that are particularly helpful for monitoring children are:

  • Call history, recording, and live call intercept, phone number alert notification
  • SMS message tracking with trigger word alerts
  • Instant messenger (IM) tracking
  • Multimedia file viewing (photos, videos, music, voice recordings)
  • Internet browsing history to include bookmarked URLs
  • GPS tracking with geofencing

Every bit of information collected by StealthGenie is sent to your secure control panel area where you as the subscriber can log in and analyze the facts at your convenience.

Monitoring Voice Communications

StealthGenie provides a comprehensive set of tools when it comes to your kids and monitoring their voice communications.

Not only do you receive the date/time/other party information of a call made or received on the monitored device. You can also record their calls and intercept calls as they happen.

Live call intercept is particularly useful when you notice your child getting up and leaving the room when she receives a call. In this case, all you the subscriber need to do is issue an SMS command to listen to her call once she leaves the room.

The Story in the Text

Your kids will use text messages to communicate with anyone—even those you don’t want them associating with. Here again, with the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system you can see the full text of SMS messages, emails, and from IM apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and more.

Furthermore, you can set up to be notified via SMS or email if profanity or certain trigger words you defined are used in texts. Parents find this extremely helpful for knowing when their children are coordinating to pick up drugs, alcohol, or go to parties where these substances will be available. Alert notifications allow a parent to be proactive.

The Completing Pieces of the Puzzle

The ability to see the photos and videos taken from their teenager’s smartphone using the StealthGenie cell phone spy software can give other indicators to inappropriate activities, places, and friends.

Then, with the GPS tracking features provided by StealthGenie, you can see your child’s location history, where he is currently at, and even get alerts when he enters restricted zones that you set up.

All these complete the puzzle as to what your child is up to.

You have probably figured out by now that the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system is quite powerful when it comes to monitoring your kids and their activities. Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes. As a concerned parent get on the StealthGenie review and order your smartphone spy app today.

StealthGenie Geofencing Feature

StealthGenie Geofencing Feature

The StealthGenie cell phone spy app is powerful when it comes to geo-specific information because it can track the travel history and current location of the target cell phone. The subscriber (you) can also define geographical boundaries for receiving alerts if the target cell phone user enters or exits them.

StealthGenie Geofencing

Why Geo Features are Useful

StealthGenie has a robust set of features for tracking calls, text messages, and emails but the Geo features answer the “where” questions that the subscriber has when spying on a target cell phone.

Parents want to know where their children are plus they want to know the places they frequent. The same holds true with employers who must send their employees out of the workplace to perform deliveries, meet with clients, or handle service calls.

With StealthGenie cell phone tracking software, you get an additional powerful feature called Geo Fencing. With Geo Fencing you can set geographical boundaries for the target phone user.

The Geo Features

The Geo features provided by StealthGenie are:

  • Geo Tracking
  • Geo Location
  • Geo Fencing

Each feature has certain aspects that overlap with the others and together they give the subscriber a complete profile of the target user’s whereabouts both from a historical and current perspective.

All three features use Google Map for pinpointing target phone locations from the subscriber’s control panel.

Geo Tracking

Geo Tracking deals with the historical perspective of the target phone’s location. It is useful for analyzing the travel habits of the target phone user. Selecting this from the StealthGenie control panel yields a map that traces travel routes that the target user typically takes. You can also filter the history by date range.

When viewing the geo tracking page in the StealthGenie control panel, the subscriber sees a map where historical travel routes are traced. Frequent stops along the route are pinpointed as well.

Geo Location

Geo location gives the current whereabouts of the target phone user. It also has a history component but does not trace a route on the map.

The update interval for location sampling can be adjusted from the control panel page for this feature. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and set the interval from 1 to 60 minutes. You would probably want a shorter interval if you needed near real-time tracking. However, for routine tracking, you may not want to sample as often to keep data minimal as well as manageable.

Geo Fencing

Geo fencing is one of Geo features that set StealthGenie apart from other cell phone tracking applications. It helps a parent or employer to set boundaries on the locations their child or employee can go. You can think of it like setting expectations. Oftentimes when expectations are clear to those whom you are responsible for, there is a greater chance that they will live up to them.

The Geo Fencing feature of StealthGenie uses red circles and green circles to depict off-limits and permissible areas respectively. Circles are used to define a radius for the zones and the area inside them represents either allowed or disallowed regions.

When on the control panel’s Geo Fencing page, the subscriber clicks on the clear circle, gives it a unique name and then defines if it is red zone or green zone, the radius in feet, and specifies the alert rules. The alert rules are used for notifying you in the event that the target user enters or leaves the zone.

After defining the settings for the zone, the subscriber can then use the mouse to position it over the relevant map location.

A typical setup would be to configure to receive an alert for when the target user leaves a green area and when entering a red area. For example, you can tell your teenager that it is okay to be at his friend’s house (a green zone) but not okay to be in a neighborhood where kids loiter looking to buy drugs.

As you have seen, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing the Geo operations of StealthGenie spy software. Combined with log reporting it makes for a comprehensive and powerful total solution. Order a subscription to StealthGenie today and no longer stay in the dark about where your children or employees are.

How Notifications Work with StealthGenie

How Notifications Work with StealthGenie

StealthGenie Geo FencingThe notifications feature of StealthGenie spy software is an extremely robust and effective tool when configured and utilized to its full potential. Notifications are for the most part filtered through the setting of trigger parameters. Here are the various types of notifications provided by StealthGenie and how they work.

Defining the “Where”

Before configuring notifications parameters, you as the administrator need to specify where they are to go. Do they go to your phone as an SMS or to your email or both? These two parameters are set in the StealthGenie control panel under the “My Account” icon found on the top menu bar of the dashboard page.

Communications Notifications

Communications notifications deal with activities related to voice and text exchanges. StealthGenie spy software can alert you of events related to ingoing and outgoing communications related to:

  1. Contacts
  2. Numbers
  3. SMS messages
  4. Emails

With SMS and email messages, StealthGenie provides one additional layer of event detection through the use of trigger keywords.

How Communications Notifications Work

There probably isn’t an administrator around who would want to know about every event that has taken place on a target phone. Too many notifications can be just as bad as too few because in the former case what you want to know would get lost in the volume. StealthGenie provides you with trigger settings so that you can give attention to the events that need it.

Contacts triggers are set using names from the target phone’s contacts file. When an incoming or outgoing call is made to that contact, you get a notification. Remember that the contacts file on the target phone is accessible with StealthGenie and when configuring this you can choose the names from a drop down selection list linked to it.

It is the same for phone numbers, SMS messages, and emails. These would be numbers that don’t reside in the contacts file thus there is no name associated with them.

As mentioned above, StealthGenie adds one more level of filtering when it comes to text messages and that is through the use of trigger words. For example, you suspect your teenager of being involved with illegal drugs so you decide that words such as “meth”, “pot”, and “weed” are to be detected if they occur in SMS or email messages sent or received on the target phone.

Geo Fencing Notifications

Geo Fencing is another StealthGenie operational area that will yield notifications and requires administrator setup. The technology works by defining a circular area where the target user can go and where he cannot go. This tool uses red circles for restricted areas and green circles for clear areas. The circles define a radius from a pinpointed map coordinate and the area inside is designated as either red or green.

When the target phone user (e.g., your teenager, employee) leaves a designated green area, you will get a notification. Likewise, when the same person goes into a red area, you will get a notification as well. So, if your teenager leaves a green area and enters a red one, you can give her a quick call and tell her that she shouldn’t be there.

SIM Card Change Notification

SIM card change notification deals with the event where the target user swaps out the phone’s SIM card for another. Teenagers and employees might do this hoping to avoid detection while using their regular number. A cell phone thief will most certainly change the SIM card.

There are no settings that you configure. You simply get a notification when the SIM card is changed but StealthGenie goes a step further and gives you the telephone number of the new card. Imagine the look on the face of your employee or teenager when you can give them a call even after they went into hiding with a new temporary number.

SIM card change notification comes in handy if the target phone is lost or stolen as well. Anyone who steals or finds your phone (with no intent of returning it) will no doubt change the SIM card. However, since the StealthGenie app runs from the phone’s internal memory, a SIM card change does not stop the ability to track the device. You can still send commands like locking and wiping the phone to prevent the thief from using it. And, you can call them on the new number which certainly would make any thief uncomfortable.

Finding out what is going on with your teenager or employee after the fact is useful for catching them in lies. But with StealthGenie spy software, you can be notified when mischief or misdeeds occur thus giving you the information you need to be proactive instead of just reactive.

Everything to Know about Sending Commands with StealthGenie

Everything to Know about Sending Commands with StealthGenie

remote control commandsWhen you subscribe to StealthGenie Android spy software, you as the administrator can view the “snapshots” of the activities on the target phone. But you don’t have to just view the data in passive mode. StealthGenie gives you all the remote control commands that you could possibly need to actively control the app on the target phone.

The Commands: Remotely Control their Phone

As an administrator, you actually don’t need too many commands which represents a tribute to the sophisticated design of StealthGenie. However, there are certain functions that need a person’s decision to initiate and these are included in the StealthGenie Android spy software remote control command set. They are:

  1. Begin recording surroundings
  2. Lock the target phone
  3. Start/pause/delete StealthGenie from the target phone
  4. Wipe the phone clean of its data
  5. Back up phone data

StealthGenie mostly provides commands to protect the target phone from threats such as theft, physical loss, data loss, and detection. The sections that follow describe the specifics of each command.

1. Begin Recording Surroundings

This command is necessary to initiate recording of the target phone’s live surroundings. From the control panel you send an SMS command with the exact syntax that is specified. The syntax is: gimme <# minutes> mins.

Thus, if you want to record surroundings for five minutes you would enter an SMS command: gimme 5 mins. After five minutes, live recording stops without issuing an additional command on your part.

Record Surroundings

Recording live surroundings has many uses. For instance, if your employee says he is at a client meeting yet what you hear in the background sounds like a bar then it might mean you are being lied to.

2. Lock the Target Phone

There are many situations where you would need to lock the target phone. Probably the first that comes to mind is if it is lost or stolen. Or, maybe your teenager is having an SMS exchange with someone else that is inappropriate and you need it to stop now.

From the StealthGenie control panel, you can define your own SMS command to use for locking the phone. Just type your custom command into the field “SMS to lock phone” and click the “Save” button.

Lock Phone

Then, when you want to execute the command, just send that SMS text from your phone or click on the “Lock Phone” button from the StealthGenie Remote Control screen.

3. Start/Pause/Delete StealthGenie

StealthGenie provides these commands to control the app on the target phone. You may want to pause the app for taking a snapshot of the data through a backup. Then, after the backup is complete, start the app again. There could be any number of reasons for needing this control.

In the case where a cell phone is lost or stolen and you have not recovered it then you’ll need to send the delete command to remove StealthGenie.

The commands and their functions are as follows:

  • .lets go – start StealthGenie on the target phone
  • .wait – pause StealthGenie on the target phone
  • .no need – remove the StealthGenie app from the target phone

These “.” commands are sent from either the StealthGenie control panel or from your own cell phone via SMS.

4. Wipe Clean the Phone’s Data

There might be an occasion when you need to delete all of the data off of the target phone. A common situation where this is necessary is if the target phone is lost or stolen and there is no chance of recovery.

Wipe Data

Here, you define your own customized command for wiping the phone’s data and press the save button. Enter that command on your cell phone when you want to perform the wipe clean task on the target phone.

5. Back Up the Phone’s Data

There is an old adage that backups are not important until you need them. While it is a cute adage it reveals a very important truth. The data on the target phone is too important to lose. This is especially true if the phone is used by one of your employees and contains information critical to your business.

The function to back up the phone’s data is also activated via an SMS command that you define in the control panel.

As you can see, the StealthGenie remote control commands allow you the administrator to have total command when it comes to cell phone tracking. This is another one of the areas that makes StealthGenie the Android spy software to choose over the others.

The All-in-One View of the StealthGenie Control Panel

The All-in-One View of the StealthGenie Control Panel

The StealthGenie control panel gives you the administrator an all-in-one, centralized view of all data sent by the target phone(s) that you are spying on. Navigation in the control panel is intuitive and gives you the subscriber (a.k.a, the administrator) all of the information that you need to accurately analyze the target phone’s activities and whereabouts.

Accessing the Control Panel

Access to your control panel is done through any web browser. Your first view when you log into your control panel gives you a sidebar menu and statistics in the main page body. The sidebar menu allows you to view and analyze the following data groups that have been uploaded by the target phone:

  • Contacts
  • Phone logs
  • SMS/chat messages
  • Recordings and multimedia files
  • Geo-specific information
  • Internet browsing information

You can also select information specific to your StealthGenie account that is not on the target phone through the “My Services” button on the sidebar menu. This selection shows you all of the services that you have subscribed to.

For example, you may be monitoring three different phones and each is a different type (i.e., Android, Blackberry, iPhone). From this page, you can select the control panel specific to the operating system (OS). Each sidebar is slightly different for specific operating system (e.g., the iPhone control panel sidebar can view iMessages which is specific to that OS).

Triggers and Notifications

Among the strongest features of StealthGenie is the ability to define triggering events and get notified when they occur. Triggers act as a filter allowing you to ignore the routine and pay attention to what is important to you.

Through the StealthGenie control panel, you can define the triggers to detect calls and messages to/from certain contacts and certain words used in textual communications.

From the control panel’s “Trigger & Alerts” page, you can define triggers for:

  • Contacts
  • Phone numbers
  • Words used in SMS
  • Email addresses
  • Words used in emails

The “Trigger & Alerts” page is not accessed from the side bar but instead from the top bar. On this page, you define the triggers. A second part of this is defining where you want your notifications to be sent. This is accessed from the “My Account” selection which is on the top bar of the control panel page as well. You can choose to be notified by email and/or SMS.

There is a difference between “contacts” and “phone numbers” when defining triggers. Contacts are those in the target phone’s contacts file and will usually be a name. Phone numbers are just that—no name, just a number. This allows some flexibility because a target phone user might try to hide who he is communicating with by keeping the person out of the contact file. The contacts trigger definition also uses the phone’s contact file where its entries can be selected through a dropdown box.

Trigger words can be anything and it takes some up-front decision making as to the ones you want to use to alert you to certain events warranting your attention. For example, the word “beer” alerts you that your teenager may be planning a party that you wouldn’t approve of.

Target Phone Control

Remotely Control Their Phone

Another powerful feature of the StealthGenie system is the ability to send remote control commands to the target phone. From here you can:

  • Start recording surroundings
  • Start, pause, or delete the StealthGenie app on the target phone
  • Backup target phone data
  • Wipe all data from the target phone
  • Lock the target phone

Commands are sent as an SMS message to the target phone and the page defines the specific syntax to use for each. It is important to enter the syntax exactly as it is shown otherwise the command will not work properly.

As you can see, the StealthGenie control panel is quite powerful and provides all of the tools that you as the administrator need to spy on a target phone. It doesn’t take long after installing the app on the target phone to begin using the control panel which makes for another reason to choose StealthGenie spy software.

Keeping Data Safe with StealthGenie Android Spy Software

Keeping Data Safe with StealthGenie Android Spy Software

StealthGenie is not only about spying on a cell phone for the purpose of catching your child or employee doing wrong. This Android spy software is also about protecting the data on a target phone. There are many situations where information can be lost or compromised and StealthGenie spy software has the features to protect against them.

StealthGenie for Android

StealthGenie Data Protection

The StealthGenie features protect data in four areas:

  1. Compromise protection
  2. Backups
  3. Protection from deletion
  4. Export capability

Read further and you will see how StealthGenie protects the information on a target phone that if lost or compromised could be costlier than the phone it came from.

1. Compromise Protection

The area of compromise protection when it comes to keeping data safe deals with protection of phone data in the event of loss or theft and tracking information exchanges to see what is shared.

There are several sensitive areas on today’s Android smartphones, especially when it comes to those used for business. The contacts file, SMS logs, and stored files can be potentially devastating for a business if a company phone is lost or stolen. For example, there may be important contract negotiations contained in an SMS thread that have yet to be transferred to a document.

The contacts file is something that is not easily replaced if there is no copy of it. Plus, a contacts file may be dangerous if in the hands of the wrong person. Imagine a stalker getting a contacts file. The stalker would be able to make strange phone calls to the ladies in a contacts file and terrorize them.

Then there is the sharing of information that is sensitive in nature. Employees might try sharing confidential business ideas with friends who work at a competing company through SMS or email.

StealthGenie android spy software provides a full range of tools that support compromise protection. If the phone is lost or stolen, you can immediately lock it, upload all information from it to the server, and then wipe its data contents clean if necessary—all remotely.

Furthermore, you can view all text information contained in SMS and email messages plus see where those messages went. You could even lock the phone remotely if you see that the target user is divulging information that he shouldn’t.

2. StealthGenie Backups

Backups are the most common way to protect information on any smartphone. The StealthGenie backup facility makes a copy of all data currently on the phone and stores it on the server. This same information can be used to restore a phone should it be replaced or wiped clean for some reason.

Keeping Your Data Safe

3. Protection from Deletion

A common scenario among cell phone users who are up to no good is to delete information from their devices. Deletion is probably the most basic way to cover tracks yet with StealthGenie it is no longer possible to hide activities by simply removing the incriminating information pointing to them.

For example, if you have a teenager who chats with his friend about buying some drugs and getting high then if he has any common sense he will delete the entire SMS thread pertaining to the conversation.

However, since StealthGenie uploads all log information to include SMS threads to the server at a near real-time interval, deletions are no problem. The target user could delete any SMS thread on the phone but it would be too late as it would already be on the server and viewable to the administrator.

4. Exporting StealthGenie Data

There are occasions when you want to export the data collected by StealthGenie to a different format so that it can be imported to separate software packages such as Microsoft Excel.

It could be that you are an employer and issue cell phones to those who work for you. Maybe your business wants to cut company cell phone usage and needs weekly reports showing usage statistics. With StealthGenie, you can export call logs and SMS logs in CSV format which can be plugged into Microsoft Excel for the purpose of making usage charts.

Exporting also makes another copy of the call and SMS logs thus giving you an additional backup and protecting the information.

Data loss and compromise is not something that is easily recovered from. Plus, to rebuild lost data from scratch is time consuming thus adding more business expense. Don’t let this happen to you. Order StealthGenie for Android and protect the data that resides on the cell phones that you are tracking.

Put the Smack Down on Cyber Bullying

Put the Smack Down on Cyber Bullying

StealthGenie is the ultimate mobile device monitoring software. This software will make you the ultimate spy, which will help you put the smack down on cyber bullying. Ever gadget that we own typically comes with internet capabilities. That is why it is important to know when your child is bullying or getting bullied.

StealthGenie helps you stop this type of activity, and put punishment into effect.

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber BullyingCyber bullying, is bullying that takes place in the form of digital communication, such as cell phones, computers, or any other device that has internet capabilities.

Any phone calls or messages that are made in a way that is nasty, harassing, insult, or threat is considered a form of bullying. With cyber bullying, many times the bully decides to steal the victim’s identity to forward or post material that is inappropriate.

With the help of this software, you can track the activity of your child’s phone and internet usage. You will be able to see messages and post that are made. When an inappropriate activity occurs, you will be able to stop it in its tracks.

Hiding Cell Phone Activity

It is typically easy to hide cell phone activity, and that is why it is a preferred way to bully others. Children will never know they are being monitored, because the software runs in stealth mode in the background. Making it non traceable.

Cell phones are portable and it makes it easy for children to bully others when parents are not around. If your child is a victim, you will know this as well, because you will see messages from other individuals, as well as listen to phone conversations.

Parenting is hard, and kids are not always willing to share everything that is going on in their life. Often, victims of bullying feel embarrassed about the situation, and do not want to talk about it. That is why StealthGenie is so useful for parents who suspect their child is experiencing bullying from someone else.

How can You Prevent Cyber Bullying?

We try to instill good values in our children, but the ways of the world often get to them despite our efforts. Educate your child about cyber bullying, and deter them from participating in bullying activities. Tell them there will be consequences if they are caught engaging in bullying activities.

Encourage your child to never hide things from you, and always keep the lines of communication open, even if they are embarrassed or frustrated. As a parent, it is your job to ask questions, so you can encourage your child to tell the truth. Make it a habit to talk about their day at dinner time, and watch for any inconsistencies or questionable activities.

The Smack Down

StealthGenie allows you to monitor every aspect of your child’s cell phone activity. There is absolutely no way they can hide anything that occurs on their cell phone. Track all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as internet usage and messages. This will help you know who your child is communicating with, which can be particularly nice, if one of their contacts is caught cyber bullying. You can ensure that your child was, or was not part of the cyber bullying activity.

As parents, it’s important you get the answers you need, before something drastic happens to your child or someone elses. Use StealthGenie to help you prevent cyber bullying.